Morning Line: Born to Fly

Morning Line: Born to Fly

flyerThe fear of the unknown is where your imagination runs amok. Robs you and causes you to trip over “What if” Over and over in His Word God says, “Don’t be afraid…I am with you.” Paul Tournier notes: “Life and faith always insist on moving on—and I cannot move forward without leaving something behind. The trapeze artist must let go of one trapeze at precisely the right moment and hover in the void before grabbing the other. Faith calls us out of our comfort zone…to learn new skills and minister in different ways.” But we get uptight. We think, “What if God asks me to do something I can’t do? Or I don’t have the strength, wisdom, or faith?” But the fact is, “God…knew you and chose you” (1Peter 1:2 NLT). Every time you meet a new challenge He strengthens you by proving that He not only supplies the tools, but is responsible for the outcome.
Smile trust God’s spirit to fly into your next Winners Circle!!!


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