Morning Line: Faith– Catalyst

Morning Line:  FAITH –CATALYST

“The message…did not benefit them, because it was not mixed with faith.”  Hebrews 4:2 (AMP)

A catalyst facilitates change; it makes things happen! For example, Alka-Seltzer without water has no effervescence, flour without yeast produces no bread, and blue without yellow means no green.

Faith makes God’s Word work in your life. Without it, nothing happens.

Apostle Paul said, “When the good news of deliverance…came to them…the message…did not benefit them, because it was not mixed with faith.” Without a specific catalyst, nothing moves and results can never be achieved. It’s not enough to read the Bible or listen to sermons. The activating ingredient to understanding is faith. As we hear God’s message we must act on it declaring its promises are our strength and refuge to be overcomers in all things.

 Let me encourage you, to trust God’s Word and act in faith. His promises will bloom in your life. Faith is not intellectual assent or lip service to what you read in God’s Word. It’s acting on it, confident that God will do what He promised difference between faith and trust. You may believe a chair will hold you, but only when you sit down and put your full weight on it you trust it. Friend God’s Word and Love are steadfast, for you to trust and stand boldly on.

  God is with and for you ”Let Go Let God” Get up and get Going.

Trust God Trust His Word That Changes Not!

Live Life Expectantly! 

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