Morning Line: His Eye-Heart-Spirit

Human eye detail

Morning Line: His Eye-Heart-Hand

The spirit of those who fear the Lord will live,
   for their hope is in him who saves them.
Those who fear the Lord will not be timid,
    or play the coward, for he is their hope.
Happy is the soul that fears the Lord!
   To whom does he look? And who is his support?
The eyes of the Lord are on those who love him,
    a mighty shield and strong support,
a shelter from scorching wind and a shade from noonday sun,
    a guard against stumbling and a help against falling.
He lifts up the soul and makes the eyes sparkle;
    he gives health and life and blessing.

Sirach 34:14-20 (NRSVCE)

“ I have often been in danger of death,
    but have escaped because of these experiences.

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