Morning Line: Surrender!

Morning Line: Surrender!

“Master…because you say so, I will.” Luke 5:5 NIV

masterAre you feeling overwhelmed by a sense of toiling and nothing happening. That’s when Jesus will show up! He waits until you’ve reached the end of your rope, then He steps in. Why? Because as long as you think you can solve the problem on your own, you won’t reach for Him. Do you feel overwhelmed today? Are you saying, “Lord, I tried so hard, but nothing is changing. Relax turn your spirit and eyes to Jesus. He can and will turn your situation around if you’ll go to Him and say what Peter said: “Master…because you say so, I will.” Obedience, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense, is what leads to blessing. On the other side of your decision to obey God waits a blessing so great that it’ll also touch the lives of those around you. One word changed everything—“Master.” It’s an expression of worship. It’s an acknowledgment that He’s in control of the circumstances you’re facing. Master over weakness. Master over fear. Master over lack. Go ahead and say it: “Master, take control of things. Better still, take control of me.” Jesus has bigger things in mind for You. Open you mind, will and emotions to Him and receive it.
See you in the Winners Circle!!!

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