Morning Line: The Big Horse

Morning Line: The Big Horse

By Chaplain Carl Crisswell

After spending nearly 30+ years on many racetracks large and small. Working on breeding farms and training centers. I have looked back and found that I have lived my entire life in the shadow of ‘ The Big Horse”

In racetrack lingo, The Big horse is the ultimate of everything. If money is borrowed, it’ll be paid back when the Big Horse comes in. If things aren’t right, If things aren’t right, they will get better when The Big Horse comes in. If I don’t have a big horse in my stable, I’m always running at your Big Horse. Everyone is looking for The Big Horse to satisfy all their needs. I’ve had some friends who had Big horses in their stables. All their hopes and dreams were centered around when the Big Hoses came in. It appeared that time after time. The Big Horse came in but somehow, he just wasn’t big enough to go around.

Since I have been off the track, out in the world I’ve noticed that folks out here are also looking for The Big Horse. Although they don’t call it The Big Horse, they are waiting for him to come in just the same. Individuals, communities, churches, and even whole countries are waiting on The Big Horse to come in.

As individuals, we are waiting for that one thing to happen that will get us over the hump. As communities, we are waiting for that something to happen that will unite us. As churches, we are waiting for the next revival, for the evangelist to pull the magic out of his hat that will be the answer to all our troubles. As a country, we are waiting on The Big Horse to come in the shape of a political candidate or the big tax reform. Friends, we are all just waiting for The Big Horse to come in!

Dear reader, The Big Horse is in! His name is JESUS CHRIST! Every need of individuals, communities, churches, or countries is met through him. Jesus Christ is the answer for all the world today! His past performance charts are written down in the Bible. (God’s condition Book for us.) His present charts, even His future charts. Every record of this Big Horse is down for us to read and study if we just will.

Don’t get trapped by the devil waiting your life away on the Big Horse of the world to come in, ’cause he ain’t and the finish isn’t even close. The race has been won, and Jesus is waiting for you in the Winner’s Circle. Won’t you join Him there and accept what He has already done for you?? Today is the day of salvation.

If you would like to hook up with the Big Horse Jesus, just get quiet for a minute, ease over somewhere by yourself, bow your head, and pray the simple prayer. Heavenly Father, I am a sinner, an “also ran” I’d like to be a winner, I accept Jesus now as my personal Savior and make Him Lord of my life. Father forgive me for my past performances, my bad race charts. I thank you for removing them from your remembrances as far as the East is from the West. Thank you for giving me a stall in heaven, and letting me start over with a clean training chart. Thank you for making me more than a winner. Thank you for giving me a stall in heaven, and letting me start over with a clean training chart. Thank you for making me more than a winner. I praise you in the name of my Big Horse, Jesus Christ !! Amen

Read: Psalms 103:12, John 3: 15-17,  John 5:24, John 1:12-14, Romans 10:10

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Trust God, Trust His Love, Trust His “Word”          

Stand confident in faith He is with you all the time all the way.

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