At times we think God isn’t doing his part, when we are struggling for an answer. God through Christ Jesus has done his part in giving his Word. Now it’s our turn to believe, putting His Word to work, taking control of our daily need in Him, the Holy Spirit will guide our path.

 Mark 10:27” With men it is impossible, but. With God:..all things are possible”

Trust God’s Word to complete the promise in it in you.

In Matthew 14:29, “Jesus said: Come. and when Peter come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.”

One word “come” was spoken by the one who made all things (John. 1:3) and it has just as much power in it today. Like the words that were spoken at creation. This is where the power came from for Peter to walk on the water. Likewise, any word spoken to us by God carries in itself the anointing and power it takes to fulfill that word, if we will release it by believing it and acting on it.

Jesus Christ is saying come to me, I am your way, truth and Life. ‘I love you’

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