Morning Line: Work

Morning Line: Work?

Proverbs 30:25” ants aren’t idle, they prepare”

What are you preparing for? Working hard on the front end to reap a reward on the back end, let your God-given spirit, train and prepare you to be ready when the opportunity arrives.

Exodus 4:12” go, and I will…teach you what you’re to say”

When God sends you He equips you, but not always in advance, sometimes it’s during the process. Don’t be fearful, trust in God’s promise to fulfill what He placed in you to do and the resource to do it for your success and His Glory. God’s ideas are greater than you can imagine.

 Keep learning, growing, and be ready in do season.

You are chosen and being trained by the Holy Spirit to make a difference, believe it Receive It!

Trust God Trust His Word That Changes Not!

Live Life Expectantly!         

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