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June Ministry recap,

As usual we had a busy month at the track, our Chapel service attendance was up, and had a many great touches from God, for those who attended, We were privileged to have Chaplain Sam’s wife Margie come and share her healing and prophetic gifts at a service, and one of our track ladies was particularly touched and set free,. We’ve many healings and victories. We continue to teach the simple unconditional love and grace of God. The grace and mercy that puts us back in the saddle when we fall. Not excusing what we may have or have done, but as a loving Father that wants the best for His child.
This month Rick K, was able to quit smoking and his lungs are on the mend, Jeff W had blood clots and God and doctors have him back in the saddle , Chap Sam did 2 weddings and a funeral. Just name a couple, daily we pray and work with the needs at hand, With your donations, we’re able to help many with medicine, food , housing and miscellaneous personal and spiritual needs.

This Race meet Ends July 12 come join us for our service Saturday at 11:00. Track will remain open for training throughout the summer.

We have July off with a bang (ha ha). It’s Gillespie County Race Time 2 weekends in July and August at the Gillespie County Fair Ground, Fredericksburg, Texas, home of the oldest county fair in Texas.
The weekend started off with praise report from a trainer showing me his arm completely healed that we prayed for last season, and ended praying for a pony horse rider horses leg that was hurt, God has given us favor with a healing touch for man and beast, Jockey devotions were great and full, many of them have started bringing their family around for me to meet, what a blessing, again thanks to you donations were able to help many and hand out bibles and devotion. As Fair Weekend in August will be holding the Sunday service for all the vender, patrons and horsemen that wish to come.

People: needing prayer and finance assistance: Christy G. broken leg
Melody B broken leg
Jeff W family issues
Rick K finances/healing
Herb heart attack
John B cancer
Carey B cancer
There are always new needs coming along. Prayfully consider becoming a monthly partner any amount God miraculously expands.

God Bless
Chap Glenn
Mulligans for Life

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