National Day of the “Cowboy”

I’ve seen a few great posts, over the last couple of days, regarding the ‘National Day of the Cowboy’. It made me think of an interview, with Sam Elliott, that I read recently. These words are pretty poignant and I wanted to share his perspective.

“I don’t consider myself a cowboy, but I consider myself a cowboy at heart,” he says. “And I think it’s in the way one conducts themself, what kind of a person you are. I’m used to hard work—I’ve worked hard all my life. I think that’s a big portion of it. I think it’s how you treat people, how you treat women, what kind of integrity you want to have, what kind of character one has, my love for livestock of all kinds… I feel very fortunate to have grown up where I grew up. I wouldn’t have minded growing up years before, a couple of generations earlier, but I think that I had the best of it. I look around at what’s going on today and damn, I’m glad I’m not my kid’s generation, my daughter’s generation… It’s a pretty sad world out there right now. And it’s hard to be optimistic about it. I feel like on some level you don’t know who to believe any more. And that’s not a good thing, regardless of where you stand politically.”

“Cowboys stay close with their family”. “We have a set of values that goes with that code. You know, you get sick of hearing the talking heads talk about the moral decline and the moral decay and all that. You hear all this talk, it’s an awful lot of lip service, but there doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of people doing anything about it… I think those people that wear hats—or don’t even wear hats, but those people that understand the cowboy way (or whatever you wanna call it), the code of the West—ranchers, farmers, or any of those people who are close to the land, who work off the land, they get it. They get it. And that’s gonna stay alive there. And I think that’s gonna stay alive there for a long time. I’d bet on that more than I would anything else in this country. I think those guys are gonna survive all of us. Outlive all of us.”

 — with Garrett Fry.

Live with expectation full of His spirit guiding you!

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