No Dead-end

No Dead-end

One of our Mulligans for Life friends share this with me this morning, I believe it will resonate with many and encourage you to saddle up and ride on knowing your seed is planted and your day is coming. You are not at a dead-end!
Friend, It feels as though the blueprint ran out and you are living completely submerged in the faith journey without any direction forward.   When you look around the forecast looks bleak with only dead-ends and the horizon blocked with endless impossibilities.   The struggle aside from lack of sight is that this part of the journey doesn’t look anything like you envisioned it to be and you are trying to find your feet and let your heart catch up.  

Many have felt like no matter which way they look, all they can see are storms and wars.   This is a lie of the enemy to keep many feeling CONTAINED and TORMENTED by fear and the outlook that things are getting worse for them and they are out of options. 
While the hour was yet dark outside, while the night was quiet and still, it became the dawn of a new day…

No birds chirped, nor did any rooster crow to announce the new day’s dawning, for they only announce with their songs when they can see the light. God, announces the new day while it is yet dark.   I feel someone needs to hear this, your seeds may have been sown in tears, your seed was sown into the darkness of the soil and it may feel all-consuming… but know this… God sees that light is coming. He celebrates and announces the new day when no one can as yet see the light that is coming.   So if that is you, my friend, feeling as though the darkness might swallow you up, may this little post is a reminder to you today… the darkness cannot stop the light that is coming. The light that will burst open the seed you sowed and cause it to spring forth with new life. God uses the darkness to birth the seed…. Your new day is coming, regardless of what may surround you.  

“Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19
Written by, Christy M Johnson You can follow her on Instagram.

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