Personal Growth

Personal Growth

From the desk of Julian B Kiganda

Personal growth can be a tough journey—especially when it means outgrowing relationships.

A friend of mine shared with me how her growth and the launch of a new online platform to tell her story seem to have caused a rift with people she’s known for years.

It wasn’t due to anything she’d done wrong, but rather to her beginning to discover her voice and use it.

And that was the hurtful part about it.

Why couldn’t the same people who she’d supported in the past offer her the same support?

This is not a unique situation.

I’ve heard it and experienced it multiple times myself.

What happens is, as we grow, some of the people in our circle start feeling threatened by that growth.

But what they think about you is none of your business.

Your business is to figure out what you’ve been purposed to do and then DO IT.

That’s going to make some people uncomfortable.

But if you keep your eye on your “why”, you’ll weather any storm—even those which mean letting go of relationships.

Whatever you do, don’t allow others’ insecurities to keep you from walking in your purpose. Be kind. Be loving. But be focused on what God put you here to do.

When you do that, everything else will work itself out.

How have you dealt with this in your own life?

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