Sundays Thought: Freedom of Choice, by Michael

Sunday’s thought: Freedom of Choice,

By caMichael ZeidenbergCA

 We are free to think and do what we please (within reason)! It’s called freedom of thought (and freedom of choice), and it all starts with our minds-eye. We see, we internalize, and we think. From there it’s all up to us to enact on those free thoughts and turn them into the achievements of our goals and expected successes.

 Cheers to free thinking!

Freedom of Choice

 Do not say, “It was the Lord’s doing that I fell away”;  for he does not do what he hates.
Do not say, “It was he who led me astray”; for he has no need of the sinful.
The Lord hates all abominations; such things are not loved by those who fear him.
It was he who created humankind in the beginning, and he left them in the power of their       own free choice.
 If you choose, you can keep the commandments, and to act faithfully is a matter of your own choice.
He has placed before you fire and water; stretch out your hand for whichever you choose.
Before each person are life and death, and whichever one chooses will be given.
For great is the wisdom of the Lord;  he is mighty in power and sees everything; his eyes are on those who fear him, and he knows every human action.
He has not commanded anyone to be wicked, and he has not given anyone permission to sin. Sirach 15:11-20 (NRSVCE)

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