The 3rd Place

The 3rd Place

By teacher mentor Sam Horn

CEO, The Intrigue Agency

Do you know what I’ve learned in years of helping people get their passion projects and legacy work out of their heads and into the world? If you want to go WITH the flow, you’ve got to go WHERE it flows.

And for many people, that’s their THIRD PLACE.

What’s a THIRD PLACE? It is a public place where you can work in private and create a cocoon of concentration.

It might be a coffee shop, local library, or somewhere by the water.

I’m speaking from experience about the power of the Third Place as I checked into a hotel last week to finish my “Talking on Eggshells?” manuscript to turn in to my publisher.

I can attest to the power of being immersed in writing to the point the words flowed so fast my fingers could hardly keep up.

My book took on a life of its own and whispered to me what it wanted.

It became a living, breathing thing that had a mind and heart of its own.

We partnered on what wanted to be said. It was creative bliss.

The science of Ergonomics (the study of how our environment influences our effectiveness) says our home is our First Place and our workplace is our Second Place.

If you work from home, that’s a combined First and Second Place – a Sirst Place. (Smile).

Ergonomic experts say it’s almost impossible to stay focused on creative projects in our First, Second, or Sirst Place because our surroundings keep reminding us of laundry, bills, emails, client work, household chores we customarily do in that space.

Do you have a THIRD PLACE? A sacred space where you immerse yourself in your creative project and work uninterrupted?

Is it the FIRST PLACE you go when you want to tap into the flow?


Let your creative side loose today.

God Bless

Chap G

Morning Line Chapel

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