Thought to Ponder: Comfort!!

Thought to Ponder: Comfort!!
“He comforts us every time we have trouble.”2Co 1:4 NCV

The God of All Comfort
Of all the names given to God in Scripture, none is more consoling than “the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles” (vv. 3-4 NIV). Notice the words “all comfort.” That means there are no exceptions and no limitations to God’s comfort, no matter how dreadful your circumstances. Comfort is God’s name and nature; it’s who He is and what He naturally wants to do! You can’t get close to Him and not be comforted. Lack of comfort results from a disconnect with God—usually the result of a faith deficit. Comfort comes by faith. You can know intellectually that He’s the “God of all comfort,” but not feel comforted because of your doubts. Jesus instructed the blind man who came for healing, “According to your faith be it unto you” (Mt 9:29). “Knowing” needs the addition of “believing” before you’ll experience comfort. Feeling follows faith, not vice versa! Suppose you’re taking your first ocean cruise and have some concern about safety. The captain assures you he’s a qualified veteran and the ship’s the latest version available, equipped with modern communications and safety equipment. If, like too many Christians, you refuse to believe him until you first feel the comfort, you’ll probably disembark or spend the entire voyage unnecessarily sick with worry. But if you make up your mind to believe the captain’s word, you’ll soon feel the lessening of anxiety and the presence of comfort! Today, decide to trust the “Captain of our salvation” who promises to “comfort us in all our troubles,” and you’ll experience the comfort He provides. (bob gass)

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