Thought to Ponder: Discipline Benefits!

Thought to Ponder: Discipline Benefits!
“God’s Spirit makes us…self-controlled.”
Gal 5:22-23 CEV
Is self-discipline difficult and demanding? Yes. But instead of focusing on its demands, think about its benefits. When you begin to understand the power, liberty, joy, and victory that self-discipline brings, you’ll want to have it. A disciplined mind makes the difference between a happy life and a miserable one; between a life of self-defeating habits and a life of freedom in God. Discipline is your friend, something to be embraced daily. It’s a tool given by God to help you reach your goals. One reason why disciplining your mind is so important is that the condition of your mind can change so quickly. One day you can be calm, peaceful, sure of yourself, and confident in God. Yet the next day you can hardly recognize yourself; you’re anxious, angry, negative, and full of doubt. Why? Because your thinking affects your emotions. And here’s something else you need to know: Just as the airwaves around you are filled with signals that can be picked up by any radio or TV, there are spiritual forces around you that seek to mold your mind and influence your thinking. So ask God to help you, and refuse to allow your mind to think about whatever it pleases. Begin to control your thoughts and keep your mind on the right things. Breaking old habits and forming new ones takes time, so keep practicing. Developing self-discipline isn’t easy, but it’s worth it in the end. When you win the battle over your mind you’ll be much more decisive, confident, and focused. You’ll also be a more effective and successful person.(bob gass)

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