Thought to Ponder: God’s Family

Thought to Ponder: God’s Family

“We are called to become part of the very family of God, to enter into the circle of the Holy Trinity. This is the glory, this is the goal to which our spiritual progress tends – configuration to Christ, the Word of God. We are the children and friends of God, not merely His servants. We participate – even in this life – in the very nature and infinite life of God. We share an adopted yet real sonship, because the love of God is essentially active in relation to us, making us similar to Him, just and holy in His eyes. Consequently, the Holy Spirit dwells in us and makes us feel His presence. We perceive the Holy Spirit with an experiential knowledge wholly permeated with the love which proceeds from the gift of wisdom. The Holy Spirit is with us as a strong friend Who never abandons us but always cares for our moral wounds, fortifying and elevating us., – excerpted from Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. “Knowing the Love of God: Lessons from a Spiritual Master” (Scott Hahn)

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