Thought to Ponder: His Spirit Guides you!

Thought to Ponder: His Spirit Guides you!
“These little troubles are getting us ready.”2Co 4:17 CEV

Everything Jesus did for His followers, the Holy Spirit does for you. Jesus taught; the Holy Spirit teaches us. Jesus healed; the Holy Spirit heals us. Jesus comforted; the Holy Spirit comforts us. Jesus sends us into new seasons, and He sends His Counselor with us. You journey in the company of the Holy Spirit Who “will teach you everything and remind you of everything I have told you” (Jn 14:26 NLT). When change comes embrace it, don’t resist it. Change is not only a part of life, it’s a necessary part of God’s strategy for your life. To use us to change the world, He alters our assignments. Gideon the farmer became a general. Mary the peasant girl became the mother of Christ. Paul the rabbi became a world evangelist. God transitioned Joseph from a baby brother to an Egyptian prince. He changed David from a shepherd to a king. Peter wanted to fish the Sea of Galilee; Christ called him to lead the first church. God gives us our assignments. But what about painful changes that are hard to understand? It’s like your time in the womb: You are being developed for a greater time outside the womb. Inside the womb you had the ultimate comfort and security. But only outside the womb could you fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Your life in this world is simply to prepare you for your life in the next one. That’s why Paul wrote, “These little troubles are getting us ready for an eternal glory that will make all our troubles seem like nothing.” Eternal glory—you can hardly imagine it!(bob gass)

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