Thought to Ponder: Only You!!

Thought to Ponder: Only You
A Place in His Heart
I had never heard the particular phrase before, and it certainly was not a part of my brief notes on “God’s Love” which I was using in that Sunday track chapel service several years back; however, I suddenly heard myself exclaim, “There’s a place in the heart of God that only you can satisfy!”
I knew immediately that those words had come from the Holy Spirit . . . they probably had more impact on me than anyone in the congregation that morning. As I meditated on the statement later, I began to realize more fully that each of us brings great pleasure to Father God like nothing else He has ever created. It speaks of the vastness of God’s love; at the same time of the individuality of that love and the unique place that each of us has with Him.
This revelation has been great incentive for me to pursue a deeper relationship with my heavenly Father, to better understand His nature of love. I pray it will for you, too.
Chaplain Sam Spence, Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie, Tx


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