Thought to Ponder: Your made to be More!!

Thought to Ponder: Your made to be More!!

“We are…created…to do good works, which God prepared in advance.”
 Ephesians 2:10 NIV                                          God created you, and He knows what you were intended to be. He has “good works” for you to do, but they’re not necessarily the kind of “to do” things we put on a list for our spouses or employees. They’re signposts to your true self. Your spiritual life isn’t limited to certain devotional activities. It is about being empowered by God to become the person He envisioned when He created you. But just as nobody becomes happy because their goal is to be happy, becoming the person God intended you to be won’t happen if your focus is always on yourself. Flourishing is tied to a nobler vision; it doesn’t happen by “looking out for number one.” People who flourish bring blessing to others, and they do it in unexpected and humble circumstances. Every once in a while you catch a glimpse of the person you were made to be. You say something inspirational. You express compassion. You forgive an old hurt. You give sacrificially. You refrain from saying something you’d normally blurt out. And as you do, you glimpse for a moment the reason God made you. Only He knows your full potential, and He’s always guiding you toward the best version of yourself. He uses many tools, He’s never in a hurry—and that can be frustrating. But even in our frustration He’s at work producing patience. He never gets discouraged by how long it takes, and He delights every time you grow. Only God can see the “best version of you,” and He’s more concerned with your reaching your full potential than you are.(bob gass)
Let our Lord Jesus, fill you and full fill you today.

God changes

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