Thoughts to Ponder: God can’t!

Thoughts to Ponder: God can’t!
Our Father God is amazing and cannot love you any more or less; He designed you for love and relationship with Him, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Then He gave us the choice to become part of the family or reject it and all its benefit.
We dwell in all God does or can do, heal, delivers, leads, inspires, He is our fortress and shelter and so much more. But think about these things our God cannot do.
God cannot/will not change Nature God cannot change His Devine Law God cannot make exception to the Rule God cannot bring Disease, Suffering or Lack
If He could do these things He would not be God, He would be nothing more than a potentate/politican ruled by flesh and whim to have control and power over us.
God cannot- will not change His nature, He is a loving Father, more ready to give than to receive. Owning this in your heart and spirit you wil have full assurance you can come to Him and He will always hear and answer your prayer. Not because of favor but because we are children of the one and only most high God and creator.
So have complete peace in this, what your Father God can do.
He can solve every problem He can heal He can remove fear, doubt, and frustration He can open heavens doorway to you
Our Father God is more than we can ever imagine, open you heart and let His Spirit and Love completely fill you and set you on fire in relationship with Him.
Psalm 119:18 “Open eyes that I might see the wondrous things out of thy law”

“peace be with you always”


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