Trust the Process

Trust the Process

By Julian B Kiganda

If you’re anything like me, patience is NOT your greatest virtue. Us Type A’s like things to move at our pace: FAST.

But I’ve come to learn that fast is almost never best. When you’re moving faster than the process itself, you’re more likely to make costly mistakes, hire the wrong people, and overwhelm yourself more than you would have if you learned to be patient with the timing.

“The vision is for an appointed time.” Sometimes, when we have a vision, we rush to bring it to reality, not always realizing that it may have not been meant for NOW. God may have just been planting the seed so that He can take you through the process of helping it grow.

And when you plant that seed, don’t expect it to sprout overnight. As Rick Warren says, “You don’t plant a tomato seed one day and then expect a full grown tomato plant to appear the next.”

Over the years, I’ve learned (and am still learning) to TRUST THE PROCESS. As I continue to put in the work, I begin to see those seeds turn into plants that sprout fruit. But, it takes time.

Just keep going.

What’s the one area in your life where you’re learning patience?


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