Whole Goat Milk

I keep reading that there are Baby Formula shortages…… Come on America! Do your research!!! Has no one thought about past generations?
1). Baby Formula did exist 50 years ago but in my area of the country, many many moms made a homemade formula recommended by their pediatrician. I have a copy of the recipe given to my mom in 1946 that she used when she gave birth to my siblings and I. Google! It’s still out there!
2). Goat milk is almost identical to Mother’s milk! It has no fat globules so it’s easy to digest and many people that are are lactose intolerant seem to do fine consuming goat milk. I’ve seen the results time and time again in my 27 years of raising, breeding, and milking dairy goats.
Find a provider, check out the farm, ask questions, then make a decision.
Now Go To War! Don’t let this current government, big business, and Fake media continue their Scar Tactics against us!
We need to support one another!

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