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Suggested 14 days of renewing the mind of Victories Comfort and Hope

 During these unusual and unprecedented days, we need to regularly remind ourselves of God’s providence, power, and love. To that end, Bible Gateway has created the following 14-day Bible Reading Plan to help you focus your attention on God’s grandeur and greatness by reading Bible stories of his miraculous accomplishments and showing his desire to be involved in our lives.

From :Jonathan Peterson, Gateway Bible app

  • Day 1: Genesis 8 – God saves Noah and his family in the flood
  • Day 2: Genesis 41:1-36 – God saves Joseph from being in prison
  • Day 3: Exodus 12:31-50 – God saves the Israelites from Egyptian bondage
  • Day 4: Exodus 14:5-31 – God saves the Israelites from Egyptian slaughter
  • Day 5: 1 Samuel 17 – God saves David in his battle with Goliath
  • Day 6: Daniel 3 – God saves Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace
  • Day 7: Daniel 6 – God saves Daniel in the lions’ den
  • Day 8: Isaiah 40:12-31 – Praise God for his sovereignty
  • Day 9: Isaiah 61 – Praise God for his comfort
  • Day 10: Psalm 19 – Praise God for his majesty
  • Day 11: Psalm 27 – Praise God for his salvation
  • Day 12: Psalm 91 – Praise God for his refuge
  • Day 13: Psalm 119:1-88 – Praise God for his Word
  • Day 14: Psalm 119:89-176 – Praise God for his Word

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